Preparing for Craft Shows (New Series Sneak Peek)

Hi everyone!

So, I am starting a brand new series for all of you crafty folks who do (or dream of doing) the occasional craft show or flea market. In this series I plan to cover a variety of topics around preparing your booth and attracting customers to it. Since this is a sneak peek post, I am going to keep it super short, but I do want you to know the types of things that are in store for you. So, don't forget to Subscribe to this blog.

I know that running a booth can be both overwhelming and time consuming. It is a lot of work! I typically spend weeks in planning and running around to turn the concept and display of ideas for my stall into reality. There are a bunch of different things to think about such as:

  • How many items should I carry and display?
  • What should my layout be? Should I build my own display or should I rent?
  • What's the best way to display my creations so that my booth looks attractive and inviting?
  • How should I promote myself?
  • How should I price my items? And how to should I collect the cash? 
  • How should I package my stuff?
  • How should I dress? And how should I interact with my visitors without coming across as pushy!
  • What follow-up actions can I take so that customers can find me.
  • etc.!

That's a lot of things to think of, right? And it's always nice if you can get all the advice you need all under one roof. So welcome to that roof! :) I will be sharing tons of information based on my own experience of participating in craft shows and events in Japan.

So I look forward to you joining me in this series. As a parting piece I want to share  with you my Craft Show Display Ideas Pinterest Board that I am constantly updating. You can get lots of ideas to start planning/dreaming about your own craft show booth, maybe soon?

That's all for now. Don't forget to Subscribe to this blog, so you don't miss out any post! Also, do let me know if there are any specific types of tips you are looking for and I will try to cover them in the series. I will see you soon! Have a great week!