Art Supplies Haul Plus Random Doodling

Has anyone heard of or used Faber Castell Gelatos? If not, I can tell you right now that this product comes with the promise of vibrant creamy colors and is supposed to be amazingly easy to use! Popular as it is with artists (especially card makers and art journalists,) I surprisingly did not find it in any of my regular Art Supplies haunts in Tokyo (I have been looking for almost a year - feels like a decade).. Until yesterday when I accidentally discovered it at Joyful Honda! I could not conceal my delight and anyone could tell I was besides myself with joy. 

Ok, ok. I could have ordered it online and all that but when you think about shipping costs and negative eco-points I thought I should be a good girl and wait. Well the wait paid off!

Joyful Honda (Mizuho) recently re-did their Arts and Crafts floor and that's when they must have added it. Or, they might have listened to the enquiries of an eager customer like myself. LOL! At ¥1,749 they are a bit pricey for a pack of four, but I think they should last a while. Let' see! I got myself 2 sets. Aren't they yummy?

Can't wait to use them!

I also bought a ton of yummy Acrylic paints, mainly Americana and Ceramcoat - all replacements for colors I had run out of (average price ¥146).

Last but not least, I just had to pick up these gorgeous patterned paper by Bo Bunny and Jen Hadfield. I am especially happy about the Jen Hadfield set because it has my favourite Moroccan print plus Chevrons! Rare sights in Japan, I tell you.

Ok, and you might be thinking that I did this doodling with my new supplies? Actually no, I did it before. I got totally inspired by Flora Bowley and then went out to splurge on my new supplies.

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Talk to you soon..

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