Preparing for Craft Shows #1:You Have 7 Seconds to Make an Impression

When it comes to craft shows, I would like to make a bold statement and just say, "Display is Everything".

I read somewhere, that on an average, people give you no more than 7 seconds of their sweeping attention to form an impression. You might be making the most amazing crafts in the whole, entire universe, but if your display is poor, you get no marks for that baby. That makes sense, right, coz we are living in a consumer world overcrowded with stuff!

Being creative on your display requires a lot of planning and imagination, so make sure that's pretty high on your priority list. Going the extra mile is the difference between a successful show and one that's not.

So How Does One Stand Out From the Crowd?

Here's what I would say to you:

1. Go for a Cohesive Booth Design. 

Try to carry and display the same types of products. If you have 10 of the exact same items with only a color variation, you would have created a much more cohesive display than perhaps carrying 10 different types of items.

2. Don't Try to Appeal to Everyone. 

You might have heard this before, but if you are catering to everyone, you are selling to no one. What does this mean? Don't show the products that don't fit it with the ideal audience you are targeting! If you make custom iPhone cases, don't "also" carry jewelry and bags unless you are selling "character" goods.

3. Have a Concept. 

Instead of just making all kinds of "fabric bags", make specialized bags like "fabric sandwich bags" or "fabric onigiri (rice balls) pouches". (here's an aside: rice ball lunch pouches boxes are a boom right now in Japan)

4. Make it About the Customer. 

Weave customization into your products as much as possible. People love the idea of making a choice. For example, if possible, give your customer the choice of adding an initial or a custom message to an item they buy.

5. Chose your Props Wisely. 

Props are like icons that can hook the right customer. They can help the customer imagine the possibilities. For example, display some nicely wrapped gift boxes in your booth so your customer can think "gifts". They might end up buying some more for their family or friends. Or, if you are selling beach jewelry, then displaying star fish, beach towels, message in a bottle etc., help passersby form a visual connection with your booth.

6. Carry Enough Inventory but Don't Crowd it! 

Do your research on how many people are likely to attend (does not have to be super accurate) and how many stalls are there likely to be. (The organizers can easily supply you this information.) This would give you an idea of how much inventory to carry. I would say, carry more inventory than what you plan to display so you can replenish sold-out items easily, but don't crowd your stall! Nothing is worse than looking at a cluttered display - it send out a message that your products are "cheap". And that's the last thing you want do!!

See my Pinterest Craft Show Display Ideas board for tons of unique display ideas:

Next time, we will look at even more strategies to make your booth stand out in the crowd! If you have done some selling before, I'm sure these points with resonate with you. Do share your experience and your success strategies in the comments below!

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