Try making your own decorative binder clips!

Just the other day on Pinterest, I came across the cutest ever binder clips, in all sorts of beautiful colors and prints, and I just had to try making them myself. So here is what I did with an old (and ordinary) clip. I stuck some cute washi tape on all sides and this is what I got...

Here's a closeup on my washi tape. I am just loving this pretty combination of colors. Can't wait to try it on another craft! 

I tried another one with a smaller binder clip size and a different washi tape. I love the way it turned out. Maybe I will add some bling to it as well. (Note to self: Remember to visit the craft store...) Plus, I am going to make another set, but this time I will first paint the clip white (with Gesso) and then stick on the washi tape so that the colors pop out even more.

Ok, so I added some bling later and I like what I got!!!

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