Welcome to Adventures in T.I.Y.

T.I.Y.? What's that? It stands for Try It Yourself (just thought it was a cool acronym)! On this site, I will be sharing ideas and tips around crafting, jewelry design, art, home improvement, organizing and more.. Am so excited!

A little bit about myself. I live in Tokyo, Japan with my husband and our nine year old son (who is also gearing up to launch his own YouTube channel, by the way!) I work full time as a tech support professional and I love spending my free time trying out exciting new crafts and projects all year round. Check out my ETSY shop for jewelry here, my Pinterest site here, my Flickr site here, and my arts and crafts blog here.

If you are like me, you're probably trying out 10 different projects at the same time. You have a passion for beautiful things, a mad desire for a clean and organized home. You might also subscribing to (polite way of saying "stalking"?) several YouTubers for their how-to videos and often find yourself saying "OMG!" to your Pinterest finds (LOL).You also realize what a darn struggle it is to find sanity in the midst of the chaos of our super-crazy busy lives! And yet, you dream of making things better and beautiful.. And rightfully so!

Adventures in TIY is where I will be sharing and showcasing all my crazy adventures in trying to do things myself. I shall not be afraid to get my hands dirty or to accept failure! Join in the fun and don't forget to Subscribe to this blog!

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