Really? Decorative Painted Stones?

I know, right? Who would have thought painting stones could be so cool!!! As always, I promptly created a Pinterest board called "Painted Stones" to capture all the creativity around this cool craft. Check out my board here for more ideas you could try. 

Here's a step by step on how I made these adorable painted beauties for literally nothing!

1. Visited my garden, picked some nice smooth (that's the key) stone shapes. Grabbed some acrylics lying around, painted some very basic stripey shapes on half the stone (kind of my style because I still want some of the original stone texture to show)

Next, I grabbed some black and white Posca/sharpie pens (or equivalent will do) and painted some grassy looking lines and circles on top (yeah, it's as easy as that). Filled in the circles with a contrasting color and I was done.

Here is what my final project looks like. I love how it turned out. As an additional step, I might trying varnishing the stones for some waterproofing.

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