Spring Fabric Haul - Why not?

So I wanted to achieve a certain look around my work space using color combinations and patterns that I have been noticing recently in interior design mags and websites. I decided to visit Yuzawaya (ユザワヤ), one of our fairly large craft/fabric stores (which happened to be on sale yesterday). Unfortunately, we don't get a lot of modern prints and colors in Japan so I went to the store with mixed expectations. I had to REALLY look hard! For example, I did not find a single chevron print in the entire shop! I know, right? But for whatever it's worth I was quite pleased with my haul, especially because it fits in with the look I was after.

Here is the first set with Green and Black. This is a really "in" combo right now, especially because we are in spring, but even otherwise.. Notice how I went crazy over Black 'n' White polka dots in three different sizes! My favourite one though is the spring green with black spirals.

And here is the other combo I really love with Teal and Dark Brown. Just makes me want to smile...

I am still not sure exactly how I am going to use these, but I imagine covering some of my files and storage containers with these fabrics. Or maybe I will come up with an entirely different use for them. Who knows?! Will definitely post pics when I have something to show you!

Also, I would love to here about your favorite color combinations and pattern.. Leave me a comment! 

See you soon.

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