Selling Jewelry that People Want to Buy

Recently I signed up to sell my jewelry at a Holiday Bazaar. I had tons of jewelry from past shows that I felt was not getting the attention it deserved, even though I think it was priced right and I had great positive feedback from previous customers. Why was I always walking back with tons of unsold stock? 

I did a bit of thinking and put myself in the buyers' head. Ok, so why would someone want to purchase my jewelry? Perhaps to give it away as a gift? Or to wear it with something they already have. I get that for a buyer it is often hard to imagine a piece of jewelry without the context in which it could be worn. Often times, a buyer is unable to imagine all the possibilities. 

Now, we usually have no more than 7 seconds to grab someone's attention (see my previous post on this,) so how could I make it a no-brainer for a potential customer to buy my jewelry, and at the same time add immense value to their Christmas shopping? 

I figured I would have to come up with a way that would address these 2 needs of my potential customers (to buy a gift for someone or to buy something that goes with a piece of clothing they already have).

So I went on Pinterest and explored jewelry packaging. If you know anything about me you can probably guess what's coming. Yes! A new Pinterest board:

From all the ideas I screened, I liked the idea of "boxing" my pieces so they each get individual attention and respect! I designed this box that would double up as a stand-alone display space as well as something that is "gift ready". 

As you can see, I have taken away some of the "thinking" that usually goes into a buying decision and made it a no-brainer for my ideal customer to pick it up. The boxes are gorgeous in and of themselves, eye-catching even from a distance, and make it easy for someone to grab as Christmas presents that they do not need to be packed later. 

Each of these boxes was created in my living room and carefully set against a background color that complements and enhances it, helping a buyer imagine the possibilities. .

This is what my stall looked like with all the pieces lined up. Can you see how eye-catching it is? 

I have never had so many people comment on my stall as I had this time! Even those who did not buy said that they loved my presentation.

I must say it was an Aha moment for me. The market has spoken and it was a win-win for both of us!

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