Preparing for Craft Shows #3: Build your brand!

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So, today I am going to share my experience with branding for your craft show. One thing to remember is that a craft show is an event that has a limited life span but your "brand", if you build it right, will live way beyond that and bring you repeat customers and new orders.

Based upon my countless failures and successes, I have put together these 5 nuggets of branding wisdom for you to mull upon as you prepare for your next big craft show or event. 

1. Carry Your Business Cards

This one is a no-brainer. The first thing that someone who seems genuinely interested in your brand might like is to have your business card. Now this does not have to be super fancy or crazy expensive but you could even DIY it with some creativity. If you are really into the game and would like to outsource someone to make a pack for you, try
I designed and printed mine on my home printer.

Also, here are some great ideas for your to check out on my Pinterest board on Business cards.

Crazy Creative Business Cards.

I would put these details on my business card:
  • Your Name
  • Your Business Name and Logo
  • Your Creative Title (e.g. Designer, Crafter..)
  • A website they can find out more about you (If you don't have a website yet then this could be an online storefront or a blog)
  • An email address where they can contact you
  • All of your key social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Make sure to slip your business card into their bag of purchases so they contact you even after the event. Also, try to socialize around other booths and exchange business cards. You never know who might buy from you or what ideas you might pick up from them.

2. Use Creative Price Tags

The price tag is what most people will look out for first as they try to form an impression about your brand. And rather than have $10 written on a boring price tag, why not increase your chances of being liked, by picking price tags that are eye catching and aesthetically appealing.

Again, I have put together together this Pinterest board on price tags that you might like:

Creative Price Tag Ideas

3. Display Your Business Name

The only reason I recommend you to have your Display Your Business Name even in a craft show is because I want you to have a repeat business (from customers who are regulars at craft fairs) and for your brand to live "beyond the event". People make a note of and remember an attractive booth if your have your Business Name displayed prominently.

Also, if you already have an online shop or website, try to be consistent with the logo and theme of your brand.

4. Engage your Audience

Freebies and giveaways are some of the ways to engage with your audience. I mean, who doesn't like a freebie?! I often see small "Dozo" baskets (take free) on stalls. This just helps your audience form a connection with you and your brand. And they might feel like giving your booth more attention than they normally would. Remember, it's all about capturing people's attention and imagination.

I haven't tried this yet, but next time I plan to create even more engagement with my audience by running a contest through a Facebook event, so people who found out about the event on facebook and tell me they did will get a value-pack giveaway.

5. Promote Yourself

Ok, I know as crafters and designers we might be a bit shy about "promoting" or "selling" ourselves but you know what, it's ok. Promotion is another way of letting people find you easily.

If you are already on social media here are some before, during and after event tips to try:

1. Post "peek preview" pictures on Facebook or other sites as teasers.
2. If you don't mind sharing more details about the event location, go ahead let people know more about how awesome and exciting it's going to be, and where they can find YOU. (Booth number, location etc.)
3. Don't forget to let your friends know so they can spread the word about you!

1. Look like you are enjoying yourself.  Keep moving about, fixing your stall and smiling to passers by. People are more likely to buy from you if you don't look desperate, anxious or concerned.
2. Tweet interesting snippets of how its going throughout the day, making sure to use event hashtags.

1. Try to post pictures of your stall (with you in them if are not shy like me ;) and post them on social media with a note about how much fun you had and how successful your show was. 
2. Try to go on to the organiser's website or Facebook page and thank them for organizing the event. You will be surprised at how many people get to event pages after the event is actually over. 

So there you have it! My 5 tips on how to build your brand while you sell at craft shows. I hope you found this information valuable and will come back for more.  

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