Jewelry Making Basics #2 : Jewelry Findings/Parts (Free Tutorial)

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This is part 2 of my Jewelry Making Basics. In this post I am covering the basics of Findings and Parts, so let's jump right in!

Types of Jewelry Findings

In jewelry making terms, "Findings" are parts that link beads together. These include earring hooks, jump rings, crimps, clasps, spacers, bead caps and more. Here is a great resource put out by Joann, the craft store. It gives you a visual description of all the types that are out there.

Of, course, if you want to restrict your jewelry making hobby to a small scale, you will only need a few of these types. For example, in these simple dangle earrings I made, I only used Fish Hooks and Head Pins.

Here is a visual of some of the findings that I reach for the most: Fish Hooks (for earrings), Head Pins, Jump Rings, Clasps (for necklaces, bracelets and anklets.)

And of course, I could not do without mentioning these babies: Spacers, Bead caps and Filigree. Are you beginning to see where and how these might be used? If not, don't worry, coz you will see their place very soon when you put together your own piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Findings Materials

Earring findings are typically made of Silver Plated Metals, 925 Silver, 14K Gold, Titanium, Brass to name a few. Here is a great resource that talks about metals and alloys that are safe to use in jewelry making. Of course, if you buy your Findings (or Parts as they are called in Japan) from a regular craft store, you will not need to mess with learning about these different metals. What is useful to know though, is that there are some types of metals that will not cause allergies. Here is a great resource about buying the right type of metal if you have allergies or if you are making a pair for someone who does (very important!)

Findings in Typical Colors

Basically, if you want to go crazy, you can buy findings in any color you like - Orange? I'm sure you will find them somewhere on Google. I like to be a little crazy but not too much! In my stash of metallic findings I have Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Black, Patina Pink (also called Pink Gold or Rose Gold). Recently I have also seen White Gold in jewelry stores.

The thing to remember while picking a color is that all of your findings in a single jewelry piece will need to be the same color or closest match (seems obvious but I've often made the mistake of not stocking up on complimentary pieces). For example, if you are investing in black Fish Hooks, make sure you also pick up other coordinating parts like Pin Heads, Jump Rings or Clasps in the same color and preferably from the same maker. You may not be too picky right now, but as you develop your skills and a keen eye, you will realize that even within black there are MANY shades and textures!!

Where to Buy Findings

If you are visiting/living in Tokyo or other parts of Japan the staple stores for Findings (that also have an online presence if you can read Japanese) are Kiwa, Parts Club and Tokyu Hands. If you don't have access to Japanese help, it's best to visit directly. Kiwa and Parts Club do have outlets in Asakusabashi and you can find Tokyo Hands in Shibuya or Shinjuku. 

The other option would be to purchase online from Etsy, the global handmade marketplace. Here is a list of some sellers on Etsy that sell high quality, unique and interesting findings from the US, UK, Canada and Germany. Many of them have Discount Coupon Codes and Sales that you could take advantage of, so check them out:

Ok, that's it for now. Next time, we will cover jewerly making tools. Don't forget to subscribe and keep coming back to check for more! 

Oh, and if you would like a discount on any of the jewelry I make, use the coupon code BLOGOFF in my Etsy store themagicofbeads (valid only for a limited time). See you next time!

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